Small town life

This will be a “rutabaga post.”  For me, that means “unexpected nice-like, comparatively-unrelated-to-Christianity, non-rant-type post.”

This morning, I enjoyed small town life enough to write a few words about it now.  In the light snow, I packed a small bag with papers to grade and a book and a musical score and headed to town.

Where I live, “heading to town” has nothing to do with car keys or all the much civilization.  There are distinct benefits, though:  I walked a total of a mile and accomplishd the following:

  • checked in at the local library, complete w/librarian that will look up your wife’s card because you weren’t sure whether your kid’s books were checked out on your card or hers … got a couple of movies for later … this week, it was someone I don’t really know working there, but most Saturdays, it’s one of two coworkers who volunteer there (no bother; everyone’s nice, and they don’t even charge fines!)
  • walked three doors up the street to the post office, which was closed at 9:15 a.m. — oh, yeah — only 10-12 on Saturdays (and they also close for a late lunch hour on weekdays, which is weird, but no bother, really)
  • walked across the street to the hardware store that also rents U-Hauls and reserved one for my band tour … also chatting the owner up about a concert last fall and inviting him to next Saturday’s Symphonic  Winds concert … he mentioned that his friend accompanies a student of mine
  • headed next door, and around the corner (between the hardware store and the house where the store owner lives) and ordered a nice omelet and toast and decaf, sitting there for an hour while grading papers
  • then walked back about 3 doors up the street and across to the post office to mail something, where there is a nice clerk who knows people’s names
  • then walked across the street again to the Community Bank and made a deposit and a withdrawal from the ATM (there was no bank ATM at all until about a year ago, believe it or not!) and then headed home

Where else do you get all of this by walking a mile?  Most weeks, I’d rather have a grocery store with better produce and prices, and a Wal-mart for convenience, and cheaper gas, and, and, and … but sometimes, small town life can be nice, personable, and downright quaint.

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