Greetings from Cecil Hook


Following today’s post, I intend to take a break from blogging until after the first of the year.  I may not be able to contain myself, but I’ll try.


I got my start in serious proofreading through the grace of Cecil Hook, who has now moved on, having “entered the land of the eternally living,” to quote his quote of his dear wife Lea who preceded him in death.  As long as I can remember, I’ve been as annoyed by mistakes with words and punctuation as most people tend to be with those of us who proofread. Cecil received my comments on his regular essays with humility and interest, and he kept inviting them. After some time had transpired, he invited me to proofread a revision of his first book Free In Christ–a project I was deeply honored to be a part of.  As we near Christmas Day and the end of this calendar year, I would like to re-gift a Christmas-card greeting, once received from Cecil Hook, to all my readers.  I fully realize that Christmas means different things to each person, each family.  Personally, I have no favorite season and no favorite holiday, and I have mixed feelings about both the secular and the sacred aspects of this particular holiday.  Yet for most of us, Cecil’s words ring spiritual, and they ring true.]

May you feel again some of the exciting childish anticipation
of Christmas as the Day approaches.
As you hear the familiar songs of Christmas, may their
messages enhance your gratitude for God’s reaching down
to us through Jesus.
May feasts together, whether scant or bountiful, nourish
family relationships.
May gatherings of family and friends and greetings from afar
remind you that others care for you.
May the empty seats at your table bring visions of the larger
family feast your absent loved ones are enjoying around the
heavenly banquet table.
May all that gives meaning to this season combine to add
conviction to your faith, to make your hope more real, and to
nourish more abounding love.
And may God make each of us useful in his service for
another year.
Cecil and Elma Lea (Holladay) Hook
December 2002


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