That’s no manger anymore, man

This recently resurfaced in my computerized archives.  It is originally from one William Eberwein, whom I don’t know, and whose e-mail address is likely to have changed several times in 12 years.  I think it bears repeating.  If you don’t like this “Christmas greeting,” check out the next one, to be shared in a day or two … the second one is more conciliatory!


I have noticed that people are comfortable if I say that I believe in “God,” though they wish I would be more polite and simply refer to Him as “A power greater than I” or the like.  If I say “Christ” has entered my life, they smile condescendingly, happy to demonstrate their superior “tolerance” of “my truth.”  But if I say that “Jesus” is a part of my life — THAT gets a strong reaction.  “Don’t run your religion down my throat, man!  This is a workplace, not a church!  Separation of church and state, all right?”

In a similar vein, here is the text from four “religious” Christmas cards I saw recently.  Notice that for the creators of Christmas cards, the closest they want to get to Jesus is a personal sense of wonder.  As if Christianity were just another drug to produce a constellation of personal sensations.  As we have “my experience of God,” one suspects that the worship is directed as “my experience” and not “of God.”

                ONE  Inside:  May the blessings of the season be with you today and always.

                TWO  Front: Mary, Joseph and animals overlooking the manger

                Inside: May Christmas bring you wonder and joy

                THREE  Front: The Madonna holding Jesus

                Inside: May the wondrous spirit of Christmas fill your heart today and always.

                FOUR  Front: Musical Angels

                Inside: Wishing you the hope – the joy and wonder of Christmas

I would suggest a more honest card:

Merry Christmas. May Jesus make you and yours very uncomfortable this season, as He stands at your door and knocks.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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