The re-coming

The label “Advent” may mean something to some people, but not to all.

Advent’s origin is reportedly with the Lutherans; curiously, Roman Catholic groups observe it, too.  Advent’s concepts seem sound to me, by and large, but the so-called “Advent Season” and the attendant calendar are fabricated ex nihilo, and therefore, they are not of much interest to me.

Still, the idea of waiting for the adventus (Latin) or parousia (Greek), of God’s Christ is a worthy one.  From …

      the Jewish sense of longing–now dismally sadly forgotten,

            to the first-century Christians’ ostensible expectation of Jesus’ soon return,

                  to our own wistful, most-often-unspoken heart-cries of marana tha

We do wait for you, Lord Jesus.


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