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Yesterday I happened on a blog that consisted mostly in pictures from the country of Georgia.  The photos were fascinating, beautiful, revealing.  I didn’t know a thing about Georgia, and I now know a little.  I also know nothing about Romania except for the fact that at least three set of older friends have been drawn there to work among needy people there.  I’ve had the blessing of broadening my perspective through travel in Kenya, Israel, Belgium, France, England Wales, and Scotland.  These other lands have distinct charms and beauties, not to mention opportunities.

One of the older sisters referred to above–currently living in Romania–works for God and for people in her “retirement” years.  She recently wrote this regarding the label “Christian”:

The obvious, open corruption in the leading churches in Central and Eastern Europe has made “Christian” a bad word.  We stopped using that term to describe who we were, why we were doing benevolent works that obviously had no material benefit to us.

People asked us what made us “different.”  We began telling them that we were just intentional followers of Jesus  (emphasis mine  -bc).  They could get hold of that.  Some would say, “Oh, you are free Christians!”  They always want to know more because they have never had the opportunity to explore the Bible. . . .  I pray that God calls us His children.

What a worthy sense of discipleship, and what a beautiful, ultimate aspiration.

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