The gray and the shining

Dreary, gray, gloomy, rainy days are frequent events in the Southern Tier.  This photo looks just like the sky here, 6 out of 7 days per week.

I can easily get headachey on a day with less stress than normal–simply because of barometric pressure.  Neck problems and eye strain seem to be made worse by our weather.  My mood is so often affected by the experiencing of yet another gray day that I am beginning to feel insecure about greeting bubbly, optimistic people in passing.  I know — I have no earthquake rubble to filter through, no floodwater damage to my property, no real threat of hurricane or tornado.  But gray, in my corner of the world, is depressing.

And sunshine, quite simply and frankly put, is a welcome thing.

Which brings to mind the fluffy, feel-good Christian spellings “Sonshine” and  “Sonrise.”  There was a time when this kind of thing appeared on invitations and posters, and united folks in a good mood at ladies’ days.  These days, not so much.  Maybe we’re getting more real, or maybe more pessimistic, or more callous, or something.

Let me try briefly — and I hope not glibly — to make something worthwhile out of this.

When the sky is gray, sunshine is so welcome.  When spiritual gloom pervades, the illuminating gleam of the Son of God may be found in getting to know something more of Him through the words of John, or Mark, or Luke, or Matthew.


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