My Jedd, now 2 & 1/2 years old, is not afraid of jumping or falling.  “Boo”ing still delights him, and being left in the car for a minute while we bring the groceries inside doesn’t give him any anxiety.  He is not afraid of new people or of the dark.  However, he does seem to be afraid of thunder.

The other night, we had a pretty good thunderstorm going on, and it was still somewhat active when I was putting Jedd to bed.  I could tell he was uneasy as I hugged him and rubbed his back and laid him in his bed.  The conversation started something like this:

Jedd:  “But I don’t like the thunder.”

Me:  “Don’t worry, son.  It’s far away, and you will be all right.  I will be here, and Mommie will be here, and God will take care of us.”

Jedd:  “But there’s no God in my house.”

I’ve thought about his comment ever since.  In a way, he’s right; in a more important way, he’s wrong.  But what do we do with this?

Jedd made it through the rest of the thunderstorm just fine and wasn’t afraid of the night.  But I am afraid of the possibility that Jedd could grow up struggling with belief in God, since God cannot be seen “in my house.”

Don’t try to tell me not to worry because this is “normal.”  As a parent, I am afraid.

2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Kaylea Kesterson 11/20/2011 / 11:55 am

    This is one of the scariest things we face as parents. Sure the storm fear is normal. Amy is 6 and we still have to remind her that it’s God who makes the storms and it’s Him who loves her, so surely she will be cared for. It’s getting better though. She will often now tell us that she’s afraid and then start to talk about all of the ways that God has taken care of her in the past (outside of storms). She recognizes these times because of a constant (though not perfect) conversation between her and us about the “God in everything” watching over her. Joshua is 8 and is amazing in his recognition of God’s place in the care of his life. Faithfulness seems to be the key. Though I’ve never met Jedd, it sounds like you and Karly are doing the day-in, day-out faithfulness of God training with him that will provide the foundation for him to discover a firm relationship with the God who never leaves us.


    • Brian Casey 11/22/2011 / 8:34 am

      Dear Kaylea, this is helpful — I will plan to add to my “repertoire” the concept that God makes the storms. Loved that! I can well imagine that you’re more faithful than we are in the reminders and “God training.” Would love to see Joshua and Amy. I actually have a grad student from Greeley, and another grad student — this one, a dear friend — who’s making plans to visit UNC, considering a doctoral program later. We may try to make another visit to Greeley ourselves in the summer. Miss the sunny skies and the mountains and the people!



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