I’ve been a in a busy season for more than six months now.  Just about the time I think things are about to get a little less busy, things pile up again, or I get lackadaisical for a day and let things go, or a combination.  Hesitantly, but without any particular anxiety, I’ll say that I think things are about to get less busy for a couple of months.  We’ll see how this season goes!

I haven’t been too busy to notice four straight glorious fall days in the Southern Tier of New York.  Sunny, clear, crisp air.  Leaves swirling gently.  This is the best season in this part of the country–there being about six months of winter, and a couple months each of the other three (summer and spring, not entirely recognizable).

I like having seasons.  And yes, this is the season here.  It may not last long, but it’s here for a few days.  The snow will start its flurrying in a couple of weeks and will stay in the air through most of March and into April at times.  God’s solar and lunar rhythms do make life more interesting when we live in places that experience multiple seasons.  (God, please don’t take me to Florida or the Yucatan or the Yukon.)

Here, in this season, the final outdoor cleanup efforts can occur now with little pain.  Gloves and jackets, but no hoods or snowblowers or boots.  This is the season between the World Series and the snow … the time of the final mowing of the lawn … the time when the neat look of a freshly mown lawn with leaf bits strewn is made all the better by the sight of the most terrific little helper on the planet!


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