I’m way too much into words and terminology, I know.  Today’s brief (brevity is a welcome relief at the moment, for more reasons than one!) blog concerns a few things in life that appear to be mislabeled:

  • Afta Pre-Shave Lotion (Did they forget “Afta” means “after” when they made a pre-shave variety?)
  • World Series (It was called this long before the war with the Japanese, but the Japanese have baseball, too … and the Dominicans, and the Cubans, etc.  Shouldn’t it be called the “U.S. Baseball Championship”?)
  • Infant Baptism (I recently became aware of someone else who should know better having her infant “baptized” … umm, that would be abuse punishable by law! … I think they meant “sprinkled!”)

2 thoughts on “Mislabeled

  1. ababblingbrook 11/04/2011 / 1:34 pm

    In defense of baseball, countries from all over the world are represented in players from every MLB team 😉 My own beloved Cleveland Indians represent The Dominican Republic, South Korea, Colombia, Japan, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the United States.

    Now don’t get me started on Rush Hour – everyone is in a rush to get home from work and there’s ton of traffic, which ends up making it the slowest hour(s) of anyone’s life. One time picking my sister up from Cedarville, we actually turned off the car due to a 7-hour standstill from rush hour and an accident, opened the doors and had a guitar sing-a-long.


    • Brian Casey 11/05/2011 / 10:49 am

      I guess you have a point on Rush Hour; never had thought of it that way before. It’s a rush to go slowly, I guess! Nice try on the baseball apologetic, but no cigar may be smoked with any satisfaction. I love the game and its intricacies and its skills and its nostalgia, but no appeal to diversity can obscure the blatant provincialism of calling it “World Series.” 🙂


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