Stupid public restroom invention # 17


This little contraption, which with its close relatives is almost ubiquitous these days in public restrooms, was apparently intended to keep people from access to what is inside, rather than aiding them in acquiring what is needed at a given moment.

Oddly and perhaps iconoclasticly, this sighting makes me think of many church experiences that seem also to put up barriers, keeping people from what they need rather than aiding them.

“Oh, for the wonderful love He has promised– promised for you and for me” is a phrase from the gospel invitation song “Softly and Tenderly.”  Running counter to this fine expression, it seems as though clergy people sometimes proclaim loudly, “Oh, for the love of doing it my way, or the way of our denomination!  And oh, that you might finally see your way through the fog me and my kind have injected … to find maybe a hint of a little bit of Jesus somewhere.”

Dimly, through the smoky plastic of humanly erected barriers, Jesus can and does shine.

And authentic access to His glowing light is neither difficult nor hindered by human inventions designed to restrict.


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