Organic isn’t everything

It drowns out congregational singing.

It causes us to shut down or at least move in subconscious realms instead of quickened-spirit, aware ones.

It smacks of liturgy and high-church nonsense.

It has an overblown ego to match its pipes and its use of electricity:  it tends to think everyone should follow it, regardless of phrasing, text, tempo, etc.

Organic is often best in the food arena (when it’s affordable).  But organic is not best in the church arena.


2 thoughts on “Organic isn’t everything

  1. Brian Casey 10/19/2011 / 7:38 pm

    Perhaps this was a little cryptic to begin with, as I tried to play with words. This post is about the role of the organ in church assemblies; I feel the organ is still too widely used, and when it is used, its negative effects, and conventional practices associated with the organ, are not seen clearly. May I clarify further?


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