Thankful for tears

Soft tears fall during touching moments in movies.

Moments and feelings in the lives of those we’re close to sometimes lead to tears of empathy.

The poignant simplicity of Frank Ticheli’s An American Elegy has drawn tears from my eyes, and almost always leads to the rising of sweet emotion within me.

Tears may come with thoughts of those we love who have passed.  Nostalgic thoughts and renewed relationships.  The playing of “Taps.”

Sometimes, the beauty of God’s creation can inspire tears of awe and gratitude.

This weekend, there will be many tears.  As I write this, the afternoon before anyone will see it, I’m hopeful that the program I’ve planned for this evening might draw some cleansing, emotionally/spiritually helpful tears in those who are particularly, directly touched by loss related to 9/11, flooding and hurricanes, tornados, death. . . .  Other griefs and troubles may be at the fore, and tears can relieve when there are no words to express.

Tears of joy, tears of grief, tears of empathy, tears of friendship, tears of sadness.  All are gifts.

Thank You, God.


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