For a technical crew, they’ve been missing a lot of technical details.

This year’s chapel tech crew has had one glitch after another.  During the opening ceremony, three straight PowerPoints were messed up in one way or another.  Song verses not checked against the version being used (major, distracting word discrepancies), repeats not verified, etc.  I thought it was pretty embarrassing.  Then on the second day, I was distracted enough not to stay past the scripture reading.  Microphone wasn’t on from the get-go, there was a bad hum from a loudspeaker, and no one had the congregational reading slide ready to display, so that element bombed, too.

We need to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them as soon.  At least the very next try on the second day would have been cleaner, I would have thought.

Remind me … why is it again that PowerPoint and electronics are supposed to make for better worship?  Not that I want to champion stick-in-the-mud-ism, but you don’t have these kinds of problems when you use hymnals and printed Bibles.

If we’re going to ring the bells and toot on the whistles, we need not to get so deeply lost in the technology that we forget to attend to the obvious things like using the correct words.


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