Acknowledging commencements and devastations

My entire “summer vacation” has been exhausting.  I’m ready to start the school year so things can slow down and get back to “normal” (whatever that is).  Vacations can be tiring.  In fact, this scene recently occurred in our home.

Mom tires out, kicks bucket

For me, today is a sort of “day one” … a commencement, if you will.  It ends a long, tiring summer of solitary planning and administrivia, and it begins a new phase of actualization and educating and music-making in community–with people.

As those around me begin anew with me, we acknowledge the millions whose lives are currently being radically affected by Hurricane Irene.  They cannot yet begin anything, and they have had many processes and possessions broken.  God, be with them, and may trust in You be more prevalent in a great number of lives.  May we all turn toward You, not away from You, in times of severe distress and need, because You are a refuge in times of trouble.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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