Having mentioned three stupid things and a negative experience at an auto shop yesterday, I think that today I’ll mention three items that bring balance.

First:  I confess my own stupidity on the road — ironically, just after writing about someone else’s.  I was treated mercifully by the driver I unintentionally but carelessly mistreated, and I’m thankful to him.

Second:  I feel even more thankful to two other auto service businesses and believe it is good to mention these positives along with the negatives of yesterday.

  • Gary of Henry’s Car Care (Wilmington, DE) is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.  I don’t think I’ve ever known a more even, smart, productive business person.  I’ve taken cars to him for a long time and have spent hundreds of $ through the years, but never once have I had the slightest doubt that I was being treated honestly, respectfully and eminently knowledgeably.  In more recent times, Gary’s and my relationship has leaned toward a sort of friendship-from-afar.  At least three times in the past couple of years, he has done me notable favors, and if my memory were longer, I’d probably remember fifty.  Among Gary’s attributes are the ability to choose and shepherd good employees.  From all appearances, Gary is a good boss as well as being an A+ mechanic and an A+ communicator.  I was first introduced to this business when my church had helped by paying a car repair bill for someone who needed help.  Gary, upon hearing that payment would come from the church, said something along the lines of “If the church can help, we can help, too,” and he promptly reduced the bill.  I am thankful for Gary and Henry’s Car Care.  Thursday, it was good to see Gary again. 
  • Porter Hyundai (Newark, DE) recently made my day, as well.  I don’t tend to expect much out of car dealers’ service shops, and it was only out of necessity — read proprietary, minor computer glitch — that I visited this one.  Not only did Porter have me out of there in less than 1/3 the promised time, but they cut my diagnostic fee in half.

I’m thankful to these good businesses and have committed to spending 20+ minutes completing a survey, in Hyundai’s case, in order to express my pleasure.  I’m also thankful to God for blessing my family through these businesses.


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