Recently, I was ticked off by what I’ll call “stupid behavior” at least three times within 10 minutes:

  • A CSX train engineer and various servicemen stopped the engine and two cars at the crossing for several minutes, delaying a bunch of us beyond what seemed to be necessary.
  • As I pulled into the Walmart lot, a girl whose mother apparently never taught her any better stood smack-in-the-middle of the roadway, keeping me from moving through the area, as she waited for someone 2-3 cars away to pick her up,
  • I tried to return a call of someone who apparently doesn’t know how to use voice mail, because her box was full, so I couldn’t leave a message.

It would probably be too vulnerable of me in this forum to tell you that the word “idiot” crossed my lips more than once during this ten minutes.  So, I won’t tell you that.

I will, however, tell you that my soul was reminded that the Rabbi Jesus spoke against calling anyone raca (roughly translated “fool” or “empty-head”) or moré (“idiot”).

God, help me to remember, when dealing with other people who make dumb decisions like the above, that they are humans created in your image . . . humans that You love . . . humans with foibles not unlike my own.

By His grace, I did remember something of this enjoinder when dealing the next morning with a brusque, inattentive service manager at the Pep Boys auto repair shop.  Make my memory long on this point, Father.


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