Sometimes, things aren’t as they seem.  Scan the photo below.

What do you see?  An animated conductor?  Various musicians engaged in musical performance?  High-quality music likely being made?

Look again.

Look at the expressions on the players’ faces.  Some appear to be deeply involved, while others are almost grinning.  I have a bit of an inside track on this, so I can probably tell a little more about the scene than the common viewer; I can assure you that this photographed “candid” is not really candid.  It is posed.  The conductor almost never looks like that, and it is apparent to me that he was having fun looking like something he’s not, in order to take a good P/R picture.  The varied expressions on the players’ faces confirm that this is a posed situation.

Ever feel like you’re involved in a deceptive church scene?  Where things are not as they seem on the surface?  Where a leader is acting in a way that doesn’t match his reality, his true colors?  Where the “people in the pews” can hardly make it through the charade without reacting — at least inwardly —  but where they go along with the program, for the sake of P/R?  Sometimes, as in the photo above, it’s for a reasonably good purpose, and with good heart and good fun.  Still, I prefer genuineness.  Don’t you?


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