Differing perceptions

Differing perceptions. Life is full of ’em.  I’m afraid I’ll chap 15 or 20 people with this brief post, but here it is, anyway.  I need to speak.

Word is out that someone’s doing a remake of the “cult classic” movie Dirty Dancing.  While the world frets and answers straw polls about who would star in it–because they have nothing better to do with their time?–Christians ought to stand above.  The first one was trashy, so how could the second be worth any believer’s while?

Now, I know things affect people differently.  Violence on TV and movies didn’t used to get to me, but it’s getting to me more now.  I recently commented about being sick of gunshot wounds and street fights, and an ordinarily thoughtful person quipped, “There’s a lot to be said for street fights and gunshot wounds…”  I demur:  there’s nothing new and inventive about blood.  It’s just the amount and the direction it spatters or flows, and whether someone screams when she sees the dead body.  I’m just tired of the violence.  It’s laughable in one respect, annoying in another, and downright low-class in yet another.

Bad language (in movies and in real life) has always been hard on my ears, but my standards are admittedly lower now.  Having grown up in a non-mixed-swimming environment, sex scenes and scenes-that-lead-to-sex scenes have probably affected me more than they affect those who were raised differently.  I acknowledge this.

One might make a case for using segments of Dirty Dancing as “object lessons” or as teaching tools.  However, in order to uphold Christian standards, I would suggest that we should not intentionally watch either the old or the new version of this movie as entertainment.

Who knows how my son will react later in life to scenes such as some in Dirty Dancing … I do know I want to be careful, for his sake.


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