Ministry of helping

Recently, Jedd wanted to help Karly and me load 4×8 drywall sections into the pickup.  That would have been a little much for him, but a single grocery bag is doable!  He has also “helped” with picking up branches and weeds, collecting little toads and bugs — and, in a coup that many parents of two-year-olds will envy, in picking up his own toys.

Whether he has a concept of his limited ability truly to help is beside the point at his age:  his sincere desire to be involved and to help is encouraging.  I don’t think he’s all that unusual in this respect.  Most little kids seem to love to be involved in the “ministry of helping,” don’t they?


When do we lose this attitude?  When do we get so overburdened, repressed, jaded, callous, tired out, etc., that we lose the desire to help others?

The ministry of helping may just be more important than the supposed ministry of “leadership” (2 Opin. 56:3).


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