If you need a change, go to Moe’s

I get bored very easily.

By the third repetition of a pattern — whether a route I drive, warm-up etudes in an ensemble rehearsal, protocols in meetings, a television series, or in church — I’m heading to la-la land.  This anti-routine trait is why I spent hours preparing varied programs for the Symphonic Winds tour last April, why I study maps to find different ways to go places I frequent, and why I put myself through a good deal of stress recently — over what I viewed as a relatively minor, yet purposeful, change in the order of our church assembly this morning.

Change has long  been a hot topic for discussion in organizations.  Those who don’t like change may label those who do, and vice versa.  I’ve been lumped with those derogatorily dubbed “change agents,” and I willingly, though perhaps not gleefully, accept that label.  I love the light bulb joke that goes like this:

Q:  “How many church elders does it take to change a light bulb?”
A:  “Change?   Change??!!”

After a tough week+ of needless church illogistics that ultimately led to a God-honoring, if only moderately inspiring, time of worship this morning, we took off for Moe’s, a great little fast-ish food chain that provides a spicy change from Burger King.  Moe’s offers tofu bowls, burritos, tacos, etc., with tofu, organic chicken, beef, and pork.  But the reason we go is for the salsa and pico de gallo offerings.  Stupendous.  Spicy.  And a nice change.  Change is good.

The salsa/pico cups we drained today

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