Secret passage

A library, I finally learned while at the University of Northern Colorado, is filled with treasures, and is a treasure in itself.  Searching and poring and yanking out books onto the floor could be engrossing.  (Getting over myself with respect to looking like a geek was important, although not an observable event.)  On occasion, I chased rabbits and didn’t mind getting lost in materials I wasn’t even searching for!  I was limited only by a strong desire to finish my degree in 2 years–this kept me “on track” much of the time.

Visiting Ithaca College again recently for a workshop, I was struck by the strange lack of access to the music library from within the Whalen Music Center.  Our Music Library is right there in plain sight, at the end of the hallway.  At Ithaca, though, there has to be an easier way!  I found a secret passage by accident last summer, and remembered it this summer.  On one’s way to the IC Music Library, there are actually four unmarked doors to walk through!  On my way out, I heard a student giving a tour to prospective students.  She remarked, referring to the path to the library, “And now I’m about to show you a secret passageway I didn’t even know existed until my sophomore year.”

Maybe it was an afterthought, this “entrance.”  Maybe it was originally supposed to increase the sense of finding buried treasures upon entrance into the cave.  Now, it’s just weird to have to struggle to find the library.

Thankfully, we have a treasure full of treasures in the Bible.  This collection contains the books of God—His messages.  In this country and several others, there is no secret passageway or password required to gain entrance.  Access to scripture is really very easy.


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