A political prediction

I suppose I comment from time to time on something political, or at least that has political aspects or overtones.  Despite my conscientious, biblically based refusal to take an active part in any significant governmental process, and despite my introverted aversion to large institutions of any kind, this brief post will be entirely political and fairly extroverted.  I’m taking on politics and the media in one foretelling fell swoop.

The groundwork: It has happened.  Michelle Bachmann has announced her candidacy for President, and the liberal news media is attacking her already.  (Not that anyone is perfect, and apparently Bachmann is a little careless with her speech here & there.  Don’t we all get things wrong once in a while?  I’d prefer periodic, innocuous factual inaccuracy to our current president’s arrogant penchant for taking credit for too much–or to blatant, repetitious moral character issues exhibited by several prominent governors, senators, etc., but that’s beside the point.)

The prediction: Having heard that Bachmann is a longtime foster mom–she and her husband helped to raise something like 20 foster kids–I want to make a prediction.  I hereby predict that one of those foster children will come forward (read:  will be enticed by liberals or the news media) at some point in the next few months, claiming impropriety or even child abuse in the Bachmann home.  If this happens, it will of course distract the public from Bachmann’s potentially more prominent role in the country’s government.  (And it could be that Bachmann or her husband did in fact make a parenting error at some point–who doesn’t?–longtime patterns, intent, and character are of more interest.)  Let’s wait and see….


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