Summer musings

It’s essentially summer in my world.  We don’t get much spring ’round here.  I enjoyed coffee and a breakfast sandwich on the porch in the not-too-warm morning, but in a couple of hours, it will be too hot & sunny to sit outside.

Sunday’s post was #715 on this blog.  (This is a number with much better “karma” than 666, although that one was fun for a non-doomsaying quasi-exegete like me.)  Some 37 summers ago, Hank Aaron hit home run #715 to break Babe Ruth’s record. The records of Aaron and Ruth–now #2 and #3 on the all-time list, respectively–are as yet un-besmirched by performance-enhancing drug use, so these are still records to ponder with nostalgic, admiringly unfettered smiles.

Numbers and summers and baseball … this relationship seems altogether appropriate to mention since it’s summer now, and baseball is to fill 3 or 4 of our days this summer.  We look forward to attending two major league games soon, and then a summer college players league game in Scio (Allegany Nitros), a minor league one, and then maybe another major league game in August.  And we can’t forget the Fillmore Little League park just about 2 blocks from the house.  Although it wasn’t so for several years, baseball is a good part of summer for me, and I’m happy to have it back, thanks to Time Warner Cable and various stadium opportunities.

Karly read recently of some major league ticketed seats that include all-you-can-eat concessions.  They can concede (why is it a “concession,” anyway?) all they want, but this fan won’t be buying those seats in order to eat more bad food, and I sho’ nuff (that’s southern for “certainly”) won’t be paying $5.00 for a single 20-oz. soda or a hot dog.  I’ll be there for the baseball, and for watching my son watch baseball, not to pay through the nose for things I don’t need, anyway.

Another part of summer is the things that grow and flower in this damp part of the world–wild lilacs and honeysuckle and the peach tree and the rhododendron outside our dining room window and raspberry bushes.  Karly and I walked in the backyard last night around to sniff a few of these things, and to peek at the sliver moon through the pine trees.  Nice.  Summer can be nice.


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