Today is a special day.  It marks two years that we have been caring for a very real, visible, breathing Jedd Garrett Casey.

Some days we feel Jedd is a “handful.”  He’s into everything.  He’s not really a climber, and he tends to be careful.  No falls down the stairs yet.  But he takes enough risks for a healthy little guy, and loves thrills like riding fast on the back of the bicycle and being turned upside down and being chased and tickled.  He bounces balls and hits things to hear the loud sounds.  He does get into a lot of things, and you have to watch him.  Yet when we’re around other kids around his age, we know that caring for him has been relatively easy.  We don’t know, but we’re guessing that he’s been easing into the so-called Terrible Twos for a few months now, but it really hasn’t been that bad….

If this is “terrible,” I think the whole two-year-old thing has been trumped up, but still, I wouldn’t want another one in diapers right now.  I don’t really get the desire to have a whole passel full of kids.  I know the scriptures say you’re blessed when your quiver is full of child “arrows,” but that was a different time.  For us, one is enough. One perfect, sweet, handsome, cool, compliant, fun little guy is enough.

God never seems to have any trouble caring for all His children.  Lilies of the field and birds of the air know He can handle it.  The Duggar family makes me dizzy. (I won’t comment on “Octomom” Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman since all the bits I have seen about her leave me disinterested in adding to the hype.)  But God can care for hundreds of millions more easily than any two of us can care for one, so I guess a few unusual families who try to please Him can be explained.  Even the old TV sitcom Eight Is Enough was overkill; ONE is enough for us (especially since our one is so wonderful).  God never has too much, and even though we often feel unequal to the task of raising Jedd well in this uncertain world, we trust that He will continue to guide us in parenting our Jedd.

Happy birfday, son.  We’re glad you like cupcakes as much as you like papaya and bunny pasta and watermelon.  We’re glad you love talking and being around other people.  That you can name so many instruments is so cool.  That you have preferences (giraffes and elephants and zebras, but not the black horse, please) is intriguing.  That you are excited over pickup trucks and tractors and basketballs and baseballs is fun for me as a dad.  That you have already squinted your little eyes and reminded us both to talk to God is humbling.  That you have courage to listen to thunder after it scared you the first time is inspiring.

Jedd, you are a constant light—a real delight, and a pleasant, bright little person who makes us smile in wonder.  The joy you give is enough, and we thank God for you.


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