A little loopy

The past few days have been a little loopy for me — driving loops (Buffalo, Olean) and mental loops and an emotional loop or two.  So, I’ll ask those who read this to be forgiving if the terse remarks I’m about to make sound loopy.

On TV a day or three ago, I caught a glimpse of Mitt Romney, and of a piece of his legislative legacy.¹  This man scares me.  Rather, I should say that the prospect of having this man as president scares me.  I know so very little about him, but his affiliation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is reason enough to write him off.  Anyone who would swallow the hogwash that is at the core of Mormon doctrine cannot be mentally fit.  Romney has had more than enough time to repudiate LDS doctrine yet apparently is still aligned with it.

But more to the current point:  what I heard the other day amounted to the disavowal of President Obama’s health care plan in the same breath as he stuck to his guns viz. his own Massachusetts health care plan from a few years back.   Both plans mandate health insurance for all citizens.  Now I know that there are infinite complications.  (I’ve read that “Obamacare” left legislators with thousands of pages to sift through.)  But in this universal aspect, Mr. Romney, the difference is only a matter of degree.  The naivete that has you trying to distance yourself from Obama — steering clear of his plan while you’re affirming your own past efforts — should give the public reason not to trust your intellect too far.

Now, the news media could well have omitted important add-ons that would have explained Romney’s apparent inconsistency.  But mandating health care is as silly as mandating safety (seatbelt laws, cell phone laws, etc.) … and all this approaches the ludicrousness of the LDS Church.


¹ I am, by conscience, not politically active.  This admittedly odd circumstance ought to earn me one of two things:  1) the right to speak as a non-invested, perhaps objective party, or 2) the status of a clanging cymbal (I Cor. 13:1) without a musical texture into which to fit.

6 thoughts on “A little loopy

  1. Marshall 05/15/2011 / 10:48 am

    Have we considered that Christ has become a mandate for all men, with a stiff penalty for non-compliance? Silly as a seatbelt law?
    In him, men (including Romney) no longer scare us. Knowing Him, we have assurance in who’s at the helm.


    • Brian Casey 05/22/2011 / 1:00 pm

      Thanks for your reminder that Christ is above all. I believe that.

      My “scared” feelings were intended to be understood in the context of this world, and there are (or should be) transcending feelings of security. The Mormon dogmas and doctrines are, in the context of religion, pretty scary–even dark–but yes, Jesus is above all.

      The “mandate” line in your comment seems a bit over the top in my context–mandating safety in the realm of human government. (I guess we could get into a discussion of the implications of non-acceptance vs. rejection, i.e., are those who’ve never heard of Jesus treated the same way eternally as those who’ve heard and rejected? Thorny. Glad God is the One who makes the decisions!) Free will is important to me, both in daily life-patterns and in matters of faith. Remember that I said I was conscientiously non-involved in politics! This position arisen largely out of my Kingdom worldview. Peace.


  2. Marshall 05/22/2011 / 3:29 pm

    Thank you for your response, Brian.

    I am reminded… during the years when many US States were adding seat belt laws, there were a number of licensed drivers subsequently stopped for violation without foreknowledge of the new law. And in Mormonism, many who do not apprehend what they would be entertaining.
    What makes a blind man.


    • Brian Casey 05/22/2011 / 9:54 pm

      My response was sent a couple of days ago, but was aborted somewhere. Just happened to notice today that it wasn’t showing up.

      I’m with you, I think, but is the last sentence missing a word?


  3. Marshall 05/22/2011 / 10:45 pm

    “What makes a blind man.”, “feelings of insecurity” or, all of what makes a blind man.
    as to, a man may be born blind, or loss of sight may be later acquired; blindness by conscious act, the actions of another, or to no cause known by society: each defined & treated as a blind man. At some point by intervention he may regain sight; no longer a blind man.
    For our present and future, (re: eternity) cause yielding to condition?
    “And you were dead (in your trespasses and sins)”
    [Ephesians 2:1]


    • Brian Casey 05/23/2011 / 10:15 am

      Thanks for adding to. The expression was unfamiliar to me–I see now that it’s a sort of poetically aborted expression. Quite a lot to think about there!

      My grandfather was nearly physically blind for the last 30 years of his life. I once wrote a tribute song about his experiences, a prayer, in which physical blindness and the experiences thereof are related to spiritual blindness. Also, John 9 is a “favorite passage” of mine for multiple reasons. There’s such irony there surrounding blindness.


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