I can’t hear you!

Having learned from my mother, I’m appalled when I hear little kids coached to “sing” by the shallow, voice-damaging words “I can’t hearrrrr yoooooou!”  Children’s voices are delicate, and their developing sensibilities and moods deserve better treatment.

Having learned from the Bible, guided by those inspired by God Himself, I’m also appalled

  • when a supposedly faith-filled person uses a name or descriptor of God irreverently, or speaks of hell or damnation in slang terms (not to mention using other unbecoming, non-socially acceptable words)
  • when a Christian dismisses non-liturgical worship assemblies by carelessly placing ultimate value on high-church liturgy (the exact label was “real worship,” i.e., anything that’s not of liturgical flavor is not “real” / valid)
  • when a fellow Christian is repeatedly, unapologetically rude to another

I can’t hear you, even though you might be a “serious believer,” at those times when your words and actions are out of character with biblical morality and biblical principles.  I cannot accept your religion as pure Christian faith when it is unfounded, pedagogically and/or morally off-base, or otherwise objectionable.  Your religion falls on deaf ears.

But I won’t encourage you by saying “I can’t hear you.”  I accept you as a Christian-in-fact, but I don’t want you to sing more loudly.  In fact, I’d prefer that your voice were silent, so that by some means your ears might perk up.


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