I haven’t been much of a constant for Jedd lately, or so I feel.  We’ve all been on a musical ensemble tour, and Karly has had an even greater percentage of the childcare load than usual, because of my responsibilities with the group.  Even a couple of the students have probably spent more time with Jedd than I have.  In my defense, I have a wicked whole-head cold and shouldn’t have been around him much even if I could have, time-wise, but I still feel bad.  If there’s anything a little guy needs in this world, it’s a father who is present, who is constant.

A song by Christine Dente (now an “oldie,” I suppose, but then again, I’m not one to care a whole lot about whether something is up-to-the-minute current) comes to mind once in a while.  It had struck me years ago, and I arranged it for Lights to sing a cappella.  Here are some of the words–words that speak both of the Father’s constancy and our lack of it:

Constant, this stream of distractions runs constantly
Under my feet.  I keep tripping along,
Wishing I were stronger,

But I know somewhere up ahead is a place where
Waters still run deep, they’re whispering “come”—
Beckoning me on . . .

Constant is my Father’s calling me
To follow Him against the current.
I continue on in His promise to be constant.

God did what I could not do—
He stayed faithful when I was untrue,
So you see I must follow.
Where else could I go?


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