More than I ask

Just a quick post for tonight–thinking not so much of the volume of blogwritings recently, and the need for respite from that, but of what’s on the heart.

Just checking in online after a couple of days of break from this kind of activity, I somehow got to the Common English Bible site, which I’d bookmarked before but never come back to.  I’d recommend a look at this translation.  I checked out a couple of “pet” passages, including Romans 12:1-2. (The translation of “logikan latreian” often provides a clue into the work of the rest of the translation, in my estimation, and this one does the best job I’ve ever seen!)

I also checked out Philemon, which I’d spent quite a  bit of time in last year.  The phrase that jumped out at me from that book was “more than I ask.”  Paul expects Philemon to do “more than I ask.”  In that context, the “more” was probably an anticipated releasing of Philemon back to Paul.

I’m in an amazing house/home tonight (that, incidentally, reminds me of another one dear to us in Colorado).  These sweet Christian folks don’t know me from Adam’s 71st cousin, 522 times removed, but they opened their home to another guy and me.  You can’t imagine the hospitality.  Incredible.  So many food options laid out before us.  Fridge stocked, all for our enjoyment.  Spacious, luxuriously furnished rooms.  More than I ever would have known to ask!   This couple clearly uses their ample income for God’s purposes, as they see fit.

My students, too, are doing “more than I ask” on this trip.  What a great group.  What a great blessing these few days are starting out to be.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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