Guest blog(s)?

Recently I’ve invited three people to write guest blogs for this site.  No one has come through yet, and I can only remember one of the specific topic requests.  If anyone has anything you want posted here, send it to me!  Life is not permitting as much thinking and writing right now….

I am working on these (but nothing is ready for posting yet):

  • Names of churches, unity, restoration, etc. (prob. 3- or 4-part series)
  • Baptizo (a many-faceted look at immersion in the church and in scripture (prob. won’t get this ready till summer)
  • continuation of “Sacrifice in Worship” of 2 days ago
  • Motion and Emotion in worship
  • Professional and vocational
  • And more on Colossians as our group and I work through it (tougher stuff than Mark or Philemon!)

In the interim, I commend to you the wisdom (and humor) of this post on Robert Cottrill’s Wordwise Hymns blog.  I have been scanning or skimming Cottrill’s writings, off and on, for a couple of months.  He often seems to take positions that would be unpopular with contemporary churches, and/or might seem on the surface to be a little stodgy, but I appreciate his emphasis on quality and history in church song texts.  This essay on the gospel song “Trust and Obey” is also worthy of a read.


Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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