There’s history, and there’s History

[After my defiant fist-shake at Armageddon with post #666 2 days ago, I am still alive, and no beastly numerological gremlins have infected this blog.  Onward….]

On the one hand, there’s history.  History should be heard and heeded.  History tells us much about where we (or they) have been; therefore, it tells us much about where we (or they) are.

On the other hand, there’s History.  It seems that some people don’t distinguish between history and History.

On the one hand, Christian history has “confessors,” monks, nuns, and popes; leaders, movements, and denominations; and doctrines and creeds.

On the other hand, Christian History has God who a) acted in the human sphere from Adam onward, with the denouement seen in the person of Jesus the Christ—and who b) saw fit, graciously, to document said acts through inspired men.  I stand on this:  that Scripture relays all that is necessary in terms of what lasts eternally.

Two thousand years of history seems often to cloud what’s necessary and what’s authorized.  While I would have much to learn about Christian history if I wanted to pursue it relentlessly, and while it would doubtless teach me more than I’ve been willing to expend the effort to learn so far, I am just fine without it and have no pangs of conscience about my lack of effort.  I prefer to put my meager efforts into study of God’s revealed will in Scripture.


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