Starting a movement

What inspires others?  If one believes in something, how may he inspire others in his enterprise?

According to Leroy Garrett, historian-scholar and philosopher,

The Stone movement began in 1798 when 26-year old Barton W. Stone raised his hand and said, “I do insofar as it is consistent with the word of God.” He had been asked if he subscribed to the Westminster Confession of Faith, which was necessary to his being ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. His equivocation broke with tradition. There was supposed to be an unqualified Yes, but the young candidate for the ministry had questions about some of the teachings of his church’s creed, and of creeds in general. His superiors, impressed by his sincerity, accepted his answer and he was ordained.

I am inspired by Barton Stone’s action and by his words (but not, incidentally, by the apparently imposing, but nevertheless patently human and fallible, process of ordination).

Even today, may no one hold firmly to a human-codified set of beliefs, or to any manmade traditions, rather enabling sincere students of Scripture to stand on scripture alone, honoring God alone.


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