The light side

Psalm 119 says the word of God is a lamp for our pathways.  Since the Bible, as such, wasn’t available when those words were written, the expression can’t have the precise meaning that reading the “Bible” illumines our life-decisions.  However, God’s word, His voice, His message does come in scripture, and that message, when truly attended do, can and does illumine.

Revelation 21 has the Lord Jesus as the lamp of the “city.”  The city may best be thought of as the Bride of Christ, the called out Church, as in Rev. 21:2 and 21:10, not so much as a heavenly place of final abiding, according to how I read Revelation, anyway.  But either way … well, both ways! … Jesus is the light.  He is the Sun and Moon, the “Bright and Morning Star.”  There is no need for candles or artificial light of any kind in the church, and certainly not in heaven, because Jesus does the illuminating.  Looking to Him as Light is at once adoring and worshipful.

Artificial light these days comes in at least three flavors:  halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent.  While the last option is supposedly the most “green,” we are not convinced, feeling rather that the claims of longevity in new-fluorescent bulbs are exaggerated, and being averse to the nature of the light these bulbs produce.  I tend not to prefer any fluorescent light at all, actually.  It seems to hurt my eyes and give me headaches.

Halogen headlamps on cars are common, if not prevalent.  (Our cars are 6.5 and 22.5 years old, respectively; I really have no idea what kind of headlamps today’s cars are using.)  Incandescent light is my second choice, behind the natural light God put in the heavens.

I thank Him for the sun that’s been peeking out lately, and for my son, who just this morning thought s(S)omeone was turning it “on” and “off.”


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