Of blogging and relating

The way I approach the blogging enterprise is mostly selfish.  By that I mean that I do it mostly for me. Most days, writing is a sort of devotional activity.  Other days, it’s not all that spiritually valuable, but it’s become a habit.

I admit a persistent longing for more people to read what I write (so please make use of the FaceBook, Share, and Email buttons down there to share individual posts with someone you think might benefit!).  Also, please consider subscribing to this blog by e-mail so you don’t have to think to look up my site.  That way, you can hit “delete” on your incoming e-mail if you don’t have time or aren’t interested, but you’ll be able at least to glance at topics without taking regular initiative.

Often, when rereading a previously posted essayette, I wish I had added something or deleting something or saying something a little differently.  (And I’m just obsessive enough to correct minor errors months after the fact!)  Sometimes, I end up a trifle embarrassed after writing and posting something.  Mostly, I spend enough time on each post to be comfortable enough with making it public.  (This was not the case recently with a couple of posts on negative things related to work, which I posted in order to get them off my plate but which I was not comfortable with publicizing broadly, so I password-protected them, “weblogging” the thoughts but keeping them private.)

The act of considering the days behind–some good, some bad (I’m not afraid to say it:  some days are truly bad days) can spur a blogpost.  These considerations often lead to the recording of some blog ideas in a “backlog” I keep on my hard drive.  I like to use thoughts that occur in the course the day as springboards to blogposts.

Often, Sundays lead to a plethora of posts.  Yesterday was a good day in that we had a non-routine schedule, along with several special conversations and experiences:

  • talking with Mark about deep and thorough studies (theirs, in Matthew; ours, in Philemon and Colossians)
  • sharing a few things related to small group fellowship with Larry, a good brother and friend
  • enjoying Jedd in a mall as he walked and ran and touched the decorative trees and exclaimed “oh! oh!” all excited-like, while watching the merry-go-round
  • welcoming a sister back, picking her up from the airport
  • perhaps the most encouraging thing was the sense of community that came from two sincere, brotherly commitments to help us fix our ailing ceiling/roof, come spring … you can’t imagine what this hope did for my heart

Thank you, all our brothers and sisters, for the sense of “family” you helped to provide.  Thank You, Lord, for envisioning Christian family.  Help us to perpetuate and to grow in Your family.


Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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