Some things never change

The name “Jim Bakker” was once a household byword, representing all that was repulsive with televangelism.  I had 15 minutes of busywork recently and saw that his new show (post-scandal, post-prison, new iteration of the Kingdom of Bakker) was airing, so I turned it on for accompaniment.

Some things never change.  He spent seven solid minutes discussing and hawking a statue of Jesus that he was trying to push on unsuspecting followers.  The fact that his new headquarters is near Branson, MO, where a lot of money finds its home, along with a lot of retirees, doesn’t plead a case for purity of intent.   Nothing Jim said in this seven minutes had any substance to it.  The singer’s subsequent suggestion to “fall in love with Jesus” fell on deaf ears in my room.

Christians need to extract themselves completely from anything that has anything to do with, or remotely resembles, commercial enterprise.  Commercialism distracts us and turns off the rest of the world.


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