Work (2)


Some seem to say that any kind of human response to the completed work of God in Christ is ineffectual … wasted … or even blasphemous.  Balderdash.  He gives us a gift, and we respond to  it.  It’s not that difficult a proposition, and it does no injustice to the grace of God to say we have to respond to it.

Response may be mere duty, or it may involve over-exertion, or it may, in a more appropriate purview, be humbly grateful. Of course, the last option is best!

I know of no one–the most rabidly sectarian, narrow-minded, insistent preacher is no exception–who would ever, ever say that our responsiveness does the work of salvation.  No one believes that what we do in response to God is what is originally or primarily the active agent in coming into saving relationship with God, although some might put our response in terms of activating or completing a transaction or covenant.  Characterizations by rabid folks on the other side of the supposed question, however, paint any emphasis whatsoever on response the dark color of “works-based salvation.”

One of our high-level spiritual responsibilities is to accept God’s “work” on our behalf.  Our open-handed, open-hearted responses do not by nature constitute salvific “work.”

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