Work (1)

A few thoughts come to mind and heart around the concept of work.  As I was shoveling snow yesterday, the word “work” echoed in me, basically.  Thoughts on work for the next three days may be unrelated, or maybe not!


Work can be daunting or easy or discouraging or invigorating or taxing or fun.  “Busy work” is never fun for very long.  Work can be fulfilling, and the more we view our work as for the Lord, the more it probably will be.

The daily work I have to do is fulfilling, as long as I keep out of trouble and focus on the content and the students.  I had a prof once who spoke of his work as though it were distinct from his teaching, and I understand that.  He was engaged in unique research, but he was also working for (primarily) a teaching university, and he was quite a good teacher.  Teaching was his work, just as much as his work with alternate tunings employed by Chopin and exoticism in 19C music literature.

My work is studying, and teaching, and moving, and evoking, and inspiring, and thinking, and planning.  (My work is also e-mailing, but somehow that seems in a different category.)  My work is also reading stories to Jedd and making him giggle and affirming him when he says “God” and closes his eyes.  My work is sweeping the floor and putting on CDs in the house, and unloading the dishwasher, and taking out the trash.

Knowing what my work is, and doing it, is a good thing.


3 thoughts on “Work (1)

  1. Johny 02/13/2011 / 5:42 pm

    I think one of most powerful ways that we can live out an authentic Christian faith is through our work. Both official “workplace” work as well as the daily tasks that we all do (I also shoveled snow last week). Too often we confine our Christian identity to Sundays and become a different person on Monday. But God calls us to live for him every day of the week.


    • Brian Casey 02/19/2011 / 8:12 am

      This was so well said (and I am so deeply occupied) that there was nothing to add, really, but I didn’t want you to think your comment had gone unnoticed. Thank you! – Brian


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