Unity in the orchestra

These words are from an orchestral conductor, followed by a comment from Sweet & Viola.

“I have confidence in my abilities, but it is more than that.  I love the music, and I love the musicians who devote their lives to the music.  So I always start by forming a relationship with the musicians . . . and sometimes it happens, sometimes not.  But when we all start experiencing together the music, it is beautiful, rich, inspiring.

When I hear the burning passion of the individual musicians for the music, then I try to create enough safety for the musicians to express themselves.  And together we come to a common understanding of the interpretation of the music.  So it’s not me.  I’m not the cause.  Neither are the musicians.  It’s the music—it is the music—that brings us all together to work its magic.”  – Jean-Francoix Rivest, conductor of Montreal Symphony Orchestra

And it is Jesus who brings all the instruments together to work His magic.  – Sweet & Viola, Jesus Manifesto, p. 104

While there is cheese and even hokeyness in the Sweet/Viola comment, there is also reality.  Perhaps beyond the metaphysical, quasi-spiritual “magic,” we can see the helpful parts of the analogy:  large musical ensembles are like the called-out disciples, and the Conductor Who unites us in a common understanding of the composer’s intent is Jesus.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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