Curses and blessings

I’ll share a few pairs today, having come off a (note lack of positive-sounding adjective here) night’s sleep and having gained thereby a modicum of clarity after experienced an exceedingly foul mood most of yesterday.  These couplets, in no particular order, will be related “curses” and blessings.  I think it’s good to recognize the former as well as the latter!  The “C” is the curse, and the “B” is the blessing.

Pair one

C:  A very long series of holiday travels and visits
B:  A very long series of holiday travels and visits

Pair two

C:  A car with an oversensitive catalytic converter (that cost us $1200 last spring and is threatening to do that again shortly)
B:  A car that made it without real incident to Delaware and back

Pair three

C:  A boy who fussed and cried more in 7 hours in the car than he typically does in 7 days
B:  A boy

Pair four

C:  A heater that’s on the blink for the 2nd time in six weeks, and a house that was 48 degrees when we walked in
B:  A heater repairman that responded within an hour to our distress and got the heater running

Pair five

C:  A house with a faulty roof design that leads to leakage
B:  The ability to crawl out on the roof and hatchet away the ice dams, and the lack of a fall off the roof!

Pair seven

C:  An old truck that it was very hard to find a radiator for
B:  An honest, inexpensive, nice mechanic that gave me a companion part for less than his cost, because he knew how much trouble this whole thing has been … not to mention that he let my truck sit on his lot for a month, immobile.

Pair eight

C:  A dog that cost us $204 to house during this holiday season
B:  A dog that makes my son and wife smile (and a nice kennel owner that likes our dog and bathed her for free)

Pair nine

C:  The need to take dry cleaning to Delaware, because there’s no dry cleaner within an hour of where we live
B:  A dry cleaner that charges only $2/garment

Pair ten

C:  The need to take probably 150 different things with me on this “vacation” related to work
B:  The fact that not a single one appears to have been lost or damaged on 5 flight-legs or in three houses

So, along with every problem or “curse” there is probably a blessing to find, as well.  I’m trying to see things this way today, after being absolutely miserable most of the day yesterday.

For the anally observant, who might pay attention to such minutiae as the “categories” under which this blogpost is filed, I’ll confess that one of my many faults is the lack of real prayer yesterday.  I told Karly that I had sort of half-prayed, half-groaned about the car’s converter warning light, and the next time I started it, the light was off.  Maybe that was God’s way of saying, “Yes, ask Me”?  Then, later, when two lights came on, I was too deep in my hole of depression even to groan, and the problem didn’t “correct itself.”  Maybe that was His way of saying, “No, reallyask Me.”


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