The “Word,” as hijacked by preachers (1)

If a preacher yells that what he is saying is the Word of God, his credibility may in that instant seem bolstered.

If a preacher is told to “preach the Word” (capital “W”), his vocational raison d’etre takes wings for apparently lofty flight.

If we people in the pews assume that “the Word of God,” in toto, is equivalent to what we hear from the microphone/pulpit, we are to be pitied.

(to be continued)

3 thoughts on “The “Word,” as hijacked by preachers (1)

  1. Bill McGee 10/28/2010 / 10:52 am

    In trying to prevent this from happening, I use the Christocentric style of preaching (see Alec Motyer’s book Look to the Rock and E. Clowney’s book The Unfolding Mystery)along with Jeffery Stevenson’s Transformational Restoration Hermeneutic. With both of these in place I am less likely to do any “hijacking.” However, I can and have “hijacked” with the best of them.


  2. Brian Casey 10/28/2010 / 7:34 pm

    By the titles, these look like on-target resources, Bill. And I frankly doubt you have hijacked much!


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