I knew of a man named Cawley
Who at MBNA was oh-so jolly.
Classic cars galore
Anything but poor
To gain perspective, he walked down the hall(y).

(Sorry ’bout dat.)

This Cawley of whom I speak was CEO of MBNA, a now-subsumed banking conglomerate whose Ogletown, DE campus is a ghost town.  I think he was a billionaire.  He was generally kindly treated in the newspaper–at least until the buyout talks began and people lost jobs.

Anyway, according to friends who worked at MBNA, this top executive did something I thought was rather impressive–once a month, in order to gain perspective and to keep his eyes on his customers, he walked down the hall and worked in the customer service call center, taking calls like a few hundred of his employees did every day.

Perspective.  We can all gain more of it by changing our vantage points from time to time.  What if

  • truckers drove a car once a month on a freeway?
  • teachers became students in a classroom?
  • fast-food workers had to listen to me talk about my breaks and shifts before I ordered my burger or taco?
  • people who think women should have no say in practical church polity became widows or took the place of a victim of an amoral cheating husband?
  • preachers listened to a sermon from the pew?

We can gain much from adding to our perspective.  Sometimes the best preacher-types are the ones who’ve earned their living in other ways, as well.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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