It was written: “Zeal for Your house will consume me.” (John 2:17, Ps. 69:9)

In some areas of life, I’m somewhere between marginally and committedly zealous:

Zealous for time.

Zealous for correct use of language.

Zealous for good music, and engaging rehearsal of it.

Zealous for chocolate and cinnamon and full-bodied salsa.

Zealous for meaningful worship.

Zealous for picking up clutter.

Zealous for PCs over Macs, and baseball over football.

Zealous for The Office and 24.

If I’m to follow my Rabbi, though, I really need to develop zeal for what He was zealous for.

I’ve picked up that the OC contexts for NC quotes sometimes seem to be speaking of different things than in the NC contexts. I don’t think I understand the context of Psalm 69 as much as I understand what John was presenting in his chapter-2 account of the “cleansing of the Temple,” in which zeal led Jesus to act harshly and authoritatively. (However, the synoptic gospels’ accounts of this incident includes quotations from Isaiah and Jeremiah, and I understand even less of the historical context there than the literary context of Psalm 69.)

I guess I’m saying that I’m really not sure I have a good handle on what Jesus was zealous for. But I know it wasn’t The Office.

I do feel something akin to zeal over such significant matters as worship and nondenominational, nonliturgical, biblical Christianity (and false assumptions about said matters). Such zeal has led me to act rashly in the past. Perhaps these outbursts of zeal have been, by extension, zeal for His house? Not sure.

Anyway, these days, I avoid a lot of conversations (stifling zeal?). And I blog.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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