Jedd, pre-bath
Our boy, pre-bath

Merriam-Webster (mw.com) gives this definition, among others, for “epiphany”: an appearance or manifestation especially of a divine being.

Our boy appeared last night at 8:38. He is healthy, and everything seems to be working. (He even peed on the nurse during his first five minutes of gulping air and crying out the stuff in his lungs.)  He was 7 lbs 15 oz. and measures 20 inches.  The doc called him a conehead. Apparently lots of these little beings come out with funny-shaped heads (I guess that makes them not-divine), but they are still manifestations of the Divine image, and they normalize over a few days.

Our boy is God’s boy–no more than any other boy, technically, but he is loved by the Lord.  So many here at the hospital are believers—from the greeter-lady at the front door to at least one of the delivery nurses, from the delivering doc to the patient who helped us on the way in.  Jean, the nursery nurse who gave him his first bath as I watched has a special, missionally faith-filled sense of love as she cares for all these little ones.  All the staff are helpful,caring, and kind.  Olean General Hospital is a great place to bring a baby into the world.  Perhaps God used this place to show how much He loves our manchild.

Oh, and there’s another definition of “epiphany” that’s perhaps more common: a revealing scene or moment.

Whether we’re lucid enough to sense revelation, I don’t know, but this boy certainly will reveal more and more spiritual truth and reality to us.  God be praised for this newly appeared life—what an epiphany!—and for His manifold protection over beloved mother and child.