Aspects of communion

Here is a starter list of aspects of the Lord’s Supper—60 (couldn’t stop at 52) different “angles” and scripture references to encourage varied meditations, ponderings, gratitudes, etc. These are in no particular order. *

1) The serving aspect—John 13

2) The receiving aspect—receiving both from a Christian sibling in a literal sense, and from Jesus in a spiritual sense

3) (Direction #1) … looking forward … through a song relatively few others have had opportunity to connect with the Supper … “Till He Come,” which deals most poignantly with the looking-forward aspect of it all

4) (Direction #2) … looking backward in redemptive history

5) (Direction #3) … looking inward introspectively

6) (Direction #4) … looking outward to the rest of the Body of Christ

7) Jesus as Lamb—1 Peter 1:17-21

8] Jesus as Lion

9) Jesus as King

10) The suffering of Jesus—Gethsemane

11) The suffering of Jesus —Isaiah 53, 1 Peter 2:18-25

12) The constancy and consistency of the practice of the Lord’s Supper

13) The methodological variety of the practice of the Lord’s Supper

14) Jesus as first-born from the dead—Rev 1:5

15) Jesus as friend

16) Jesus as Worthy One—Rev 5

17) Thief/thieves

18) Jesus’ relationship with Peter, James, John and the rest

19) Grace

20) 1 Cor 11

21) Eph 1:3f

22) Eph 2:4-10f

23) Phil 2:5-11

24) Col 1:19-20

25) Tit 3:4-7

26) Jas 2:1f and its relationship to 1 Cor 11

27) The cataclysmic significance of Jesus’ death (earthquake, temple curtain)

28) Precursors in the OT (Passover is just one)

29) The nature of bread as sustenance (& rice, tortillas, etc.?)

30) The color of wine/grape juice (wonder what Jesus would think of white grape juice or cherry Kool-Aid, or a Pomegranate/Cranberry blend?)

31) Partaking in a “worthy manner” (1 Cor 11)

32) My sin (individual)

33) Collective sin in the church (remembering Achan, etc.)

34) Jesus cloaked in our sin (2 Cor 5)

35) Mundane, earthly aspects such as the tiny crumb you mistakenly scratch off—after all, just a little has the same significance

36) Mundane, earthly aspects such as the large piece that you mistakenly break off that makes you wonder if your neighbor is thinking “wow … he sure got a big piece there”—after all, no matter how big a piece you take, there’s always “plenty to go around”

37) The one cup & one “loaf”

38) The broken bread and the many cups that enable partaking by the many

39) Matthew 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23

40) John 14-17

41) John 18-19

42) A song (oh … I don’t know … “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” or “When My Love To Christ Grows Weak” or “When We Meet in Sweet Communion” or “Why Did My Savior Come to Earth?”

43) A past mountaintop experience at a retreat or camp

44) Some particularly striking, memorable way a person in your past used to introduce or speak soulfully of communion

45) The first time you communed

46) The first time your newly redeemed child communed

47) The unity and unifying aspects

48) The places of communion: the upper room, the catacombs, the church building you grew up in, around the campfire, etc.

49) John 6:43-58

50) Jesus’ conflict with Satan (Matt. 4, Luke 4)

51) The physical wounds

52) The mental and spiritual agony

53) The torture by envious, hateful humans

54) The march to Golgotha

55) The Roman cross

56) The history of the agape meal—Jude 12

57) Some special person on your heart that needs redemption

58) The once-for-all sacrifice—Hebrews

59) Heb 10:19-26

60) The mystery of the symbolism

Notice that there is no reference to Acts 2:42/46 or Acts 20:7 in this list. Though my study on this has been scant, no one has ever convinced me that those references to “breaking bread” have anything directly to do with Christian communion.

Please share your thoughts. I read every comment.

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