PowerPoint suggestions

Here are a couple of common-sense suggestions for the use of PowerPoint in the assembly:

  1. Perhaps especially in the case of words-only PowerPoint slides (which, incidentally, should only be used in the case of unavailability of slides that display musical notation) . . . the leader or someone should actually sing or talk through the entire set of slides in advance. So many distracting spelling, capitalization, missing word, etc., errors can be caught this way!
  2. Instruct the person at the computer to change the slides early! DON’T wait for the precise moment that the first word on the next slide is sung! That’s too late. Literate people read ahead. There’s no need to linger; going to the next the slide 5 seconds before the end of the current one may be best. It is usually computer operators who aren’t worshipping real-time that fall into the habit of changing slides too late. It’s really pretty simple: sing the song yourself as everyone else in the congregation is singing it, and change the slide when you need it to be changed in order to sing the next word on time. That’ll help everyone else, too.

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